Hello World!


The first program most computer programmers write is a basic script that outputs an iconic line of text: "Hello World!”

Meehle Law is brand new. And it’s also not new at all. I started my law firm in 2009, originally with a partner and then, in 2010, as a solo. The Meehle Law Firm chugged along and built a reputation as a firm catering to the needs of small business owners in the areas of business law, trademark law, copyrights, and technology law.

In 2016, I brought on a law partner and we expanded our intellectual property law offerings and added entertainment law as a specialty. That firm, Meehle & Jay, did well as a brick and mortar firm in the Downtown Orlando area. We even won a few awards, including The Orlando Weekly’s first ever Best Law Firm in its annual Best of Orlando readers’ poll.

But all good things must come to an end, and after bouts with breast cancer (me) and throat cancer (my husband) in 2022, I was ready for a clean slate. So when my husband’s job pulled him to North Carolina, it was hard to say no. My clients were business owners who, for the most part, preferred to meet with me via Zoom or telephone, or just by email or text. Even my initial consultations were increasingly done online. I was becoming a virtual lawer, so did it really matter where I was located? (Rhetorical question. No, it didn’t matter in the slightest.)

So for anyone wondering what happened, there you have it. I’m a business lawyer who wanted a fresh start, and a virtual law firm made the most sense. I escaped the Florida heat but kept my seriously wonderful Florida clients. I have considered Orlando home for 25 years, and I plan to return home often. In the meantime, you can find me on Zoom.

Welcome to my new law firm launch! Hello world, indeed.