About Us

Suzanne Meehle, founder and managing partner of Meehle Law, has been at the forefront of business in Florida for nearly two decades. Her practical experience with technology, construction trades, B2B, services, and healthcare companies has propelled her to the forefront of business, technology, entertainment, and intellectual property law. Suzanne’s work with growing and leading-edge companies has made her one of Florida’s most sought-after business counsels.

The Meehle Law team supports clients requiring general and specialized business legal services across a wide range of industries, earning yearly recognition as one of Florida’s Super Lawyers.

I love what I do because no two days are the same and no two clients have the exact same needs. I’ve learned the tailored approach is best when it comes to growing your business. Experience has taught me to work hard and smart, which is what my clients have come to expect. The proof is in their growth.

---Suzanne Meehle, Esq.

Prior to founding Meehle Law, Suzanne Meehle spent 12 years in the software industry as a database and systems engineer before attending law school. She holds a special affinity for helping technology clients, including virtual reality, software and app developers, web developers, engineering firms, biometrics companies, and IT service providers. Suzanne prides herself on “speaking geek.”

Suzanne, however, is anything but one-dimensional. As an avid supporter of the arts and social services, she serves clients in the entertainment, trade, and professional services sectors. With a wide range of life experiences, Suzanne brings options and a vast knowledge base to every situation.

Involved in her community, Suzanne teaches courses about Representing Small Businesses at Solo Practice University and eDiscovery at her alma mater, Barry University School of Law. She also devotes significant pro bono time to the Legal Aid Society of the Orange County Bar Association as a Guardian ad Litem for children in foster care. In addition, she has served on the board of numerous Central Florida non-profits including the Better Business Bureau and Hope & Help. Meehle Law is active in the Central Florida arts and entertainment scene, sponsoring the Orlando International Fringe Festival for many years and providing legal services to numerous performers.


In-person or online, Meehle Law is available wherever you are.

“Suzanne Meehle was kind and knowledgeable. Would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone.”

---Jen West