Intellectual Property

Your company’s most valuable asset is its intellectual property. Your creative process shouldn’t be crowded with worries about trademark, copyright, or licensing details. Continue to develop unique products and let Meehle Law help protect your ideas from theft and fraud. Meehle Law can prepare the following legal documents to safeguard your projects:

  • Trademark selection and registration
  • Copyright registration
  • Intellectual property license and assignment agreements
  • Non-compete, non-circumvention, and non-disclosure agreements
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Big plans deserve big protection. Meehle Law can customize solutions for your organization to safeguard your Intellectual Property so what’s yours stays yours.

Now that’s a Meehle smart idea.

I have been working for years with Suzanne Meehle (7 years) as my counsel and as an attorney myself, I cannot think of a better firm to help my business. Her pricing is well below the value they have provided to my firm over the years, and I will be a client for life.”

---Michael Cortes, Esq.